Daily Psalms – Psalm 54

Daily Psalm Reading – Psalm 51-55

This is going to be a short one because #Sunday, and Psalm 54 is a pretty short and succinct song.

We all go through seasons where people would rather cast judgement on us rather than talk to us. This happened to me recently where someone took issue with something I said and instead of coming to me they went and talked about it to someone else.

Psalm 54 resonated with me today. Though I have received no death threats, I do feel like “Arrogant foes are attacking me.”

Whenever people live and love like Christ and shine his light in this dark world, people who hate the light will fight back. Thankfully there’s a psalm for that.

Shine his light bright. Proclaim his Word. And when people attack you for doing so, know that you’re on the right track.