Black Friday Epic Fail

I was a failure at my Black Friday shopping this year.  It has become a tradition that my father-in-law and I go to the local Sears at 4:00am when they open to take advantage of their tool sales.  We’ve done this for a few years now and always find some great tools that we “need.”

This morning the alarm didn’t go off on my iPhone.  I even double checked it at 12:30am and everything was set.  At 7:00am the alarm was still set for 3:15am, yet it never went off!  My father-in-law just assumed I decided not to go and went without me.  I woke up sad and depressed because my annual Sears shopping spree was lost due to the stupid whims of an iPhone 3G.

On the other hand, my would-be shopping buddy picked up a 19.2 volt Craftsman Hand Vac that I was looking for, I got to sleep, and I didn’t get pepper-sprayed.  Happy Holiday’s everyone!